Stockholms stadsteater skärholmen

At Stockholms Stadsteater’s stage in Skärholmen, we make dramatic art for, with and by children and young people aged between 5 and 19. There will be many different kinds of artistic activity, both performances and drama courses, workshops and complete play projects based on children’s own thoughts and ideas. The Skärholmen city district and our neighbourhood in the southern suburbs are a source of inspiration in our artistic and public work. Over the next few years, we will work to get to know our neighbourhood and its stories and invite children and young people to make use of our stage and participate in our activity in various ways with their stories and expressions. In this way, we will endeavour to apply a children’s perspective in artistic practice.
We will mainly stage performances for school audiences, during the day on weekdays, although we will also give public performances for children and adults in the evenings, weekends and holidays.
We investigate and explore new forms for dramatic art and engage in projects both at our Skärholmen venue, out in schools or in other places where we can meet children and young people.
Educational and artistic activity and our own creativity around and alongside of our performances are an important part of the work at our stage in Skärholmen. We arrange regular courses, seminars and workshops for both children and adults.

Welcome to Skärholmen!

Carolina Frände
Artistic and managing director

For more information, please contact our marketing manager Asynja Gray


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