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Dear audience,

Whether you are a regular visitor for many years or a curious first-time visitor, or perhaps got dragged along without really knowing what you gotten into.

This is your theater. And at the Park Theatre is as follows:

It is always free. It is always under the open sky.
Come as you are. However; long enough time before the performance starts in order to be able to sit, see and listen as well as possible. You can’t book seats. If it is crowded everybody just moves in closer together.
If you want to you can enjoy a picnic or buy something good in the restaurant which opens one hour before the show. If you have a question or need assistance, there are always our hostesses in place.
When the weather is worse than one would wish for (and that happens to you sometimes during the Swedish summer) the Parkteatern waits until last minute on whether to cancel performances. Because the very saddest, wettest mornings often cleared up towards evening and finished with a sun-kissed Parkteatern performance - I promise! Keep an eye on the web for the latest news.

We recommend…

For children and youth
Mime and live music in the wading pool

Lava i parken
Do-it-yourself in our creativity workshop.

Discover the latest artists first!

A South African and Swedish hiphop collaboration.

Stockholm Gospel Festival
Mass Choir with international and local stars.

Stockholm Folk Festival 2013
Folk- and World music for everyone.

Skippin’ through the graveyard
What´s the meaning of faith?

Scandinavian Superjam
Beats, battles and dancers from all over the world

Four Cuban and Swedish dancers in an unique performance.

Le Lido
Young circus artists from all over the world creates a universe of their own.